We build validated, scalable and safe AI to help you understand and serve your customers better

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Our Capabilities

Delivering world-class ML and AI solutions which leverage your data to identify the next-best-actions for your customers across the following key areas:

Strengthen relationships through personalisation

  • User Journey Optimisation
  • Visual Presentation
  • Content Selection

Retention and growth through marketing optimisation

  • Contract Renewal
  • Upsell / Cross-sell
  • Quote Personalisation
  • Targetted Offers

Delight your customers and exceed their expectations

  • Onboarding
  • Support Allocation
  • Call Centre Suggestions
  • Complaint Triage

Guide customer behaviour for their benefit

  • Suggestions
  • Alerts
  • Nudging
  • People Like You

Introduction to Ambiata

Our Services

Build machine learning models to personalise your customer interactions across all your touch points.

Next-Best-Action Solution Engineering

Quickly build and deploy a next-best-action solution for your customers that fits your current and future requirements.

Bespoke Data Science

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Aritificial Intelligence - our experts combine these with deep industry experience to tackle your most difficult problems.

AI Ethics

Let us and our partners, the Gradient Institute, keep you aligned with the Australian AI ethics principles, and ensure that your data investment is safe.

Our Platform

Our next-best-action solutions are delivered through our platform, Atmosphere. Our component-based architecture enables continuous intelligence for your customers while working with your existing technology stack.


Atmosphere is for teams building customer facing digital services who want to use ethical AI for automated decision making.

Atmosphere includes our specialised algorithms to activate internal data at scale and to learn continuously from customer interactions.

Atmosphere enables data science teams to deploy well managed and ethical machine learning models and to measure their success.

Activate Your Data For Better Customer Decisions

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Ambiata has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. It is part of the IAG group, with offices throughout Australia, NZ and Singapore.

23-33 Mary St. Surry Hills. Sydney. NSW. Australia
Email: info@ambiata.com
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