About Us

There’s no shortage of people talking data, but unfortunately, there’s not enough action or results for our liking.

Ambiata’s purpose is to activate data for better customer outcomes.

Our approach includes working with our clients to analyse their customer journeys, identifying their critical customer moments and recommending the next best action. Using our Atmosphere solution, we run closed loop test & learn experiments that activate your existing data & systems, scaling quickly and efficiently for better customer outcomes.

So if you’re interested in getting better customer moments and outcomes, around and you want quicker results underpinned by scientific method, Ambiata really is the Smart Choice.

Scientifically Better

With our history in science from the CSIRO’s Data61, we love to prove cause and effect relationships with our machine learning driven experiments. The greater the causation, the quicker to value, and the better the outcomes for your customers.

Validated and Scalable

Our partnership with IAG has afforded us the ability to test and refine our algorithms on Australia’s largest insurance data set. Across millions of customers and many clients, we have unlocked the power of internal data for customer decisioning.

Safer is Smarter

We all know that a brand’s relationship with its customers is built on trust. With us and our partners, the world leading Gradient Institute, you are guaranteed that your AI investments will pay dividends for both your business and your brand tomorrow.


Experimentation culture and tools for the heart of your digital transformation

Digital natives thrive on optimising their businesses for their customers through advanced experimentation and personalisation techniques.

Companies that are in transition to digital struggle to leverage their powerful internal data in customer decisioning. Our technologies allow these companies to do real-time customer decisioning while keeping their data under their control, and at the same time building internal capability in experimentation based on AI.

Your data - your cloud

Our platform is deployed into your cloud or your on-prem environment to ensure that your data remains under your control.

Cultural uplift

We provide support for installation and initial deployments, while training your team in the principals of safe AI in action.