Personalising digital services through AI & ML

Enable and accelerate your AI and ML journey by engaging our experts to provide you with immediate capability

Our Services

Delivering world-class ML and AI solutions which leverage your data to identify the next-best-actions for your customers across the following key areas:

“I want to utilise next-best-actions to personalise our digital services.”

Our team will help you uncover the most important next-best-action use cases for your organisation and build solutions that personalise your digital services.

  • Next-Best-Action Use Case Discovery
  • Next-Best-Action Solution Engineering

“I want a faster model productionisation process that includes good governance.”

Our experts will help you determine and embed a fit-for-purpose ML operating model that improves your cycle time and enables model governance.

  • MLOps Assessment & Roadmap
  • ML Model Development & Deployment

“I want to accelerate our analytics outcomes within our organisation.”

Our consultants combine their expertise in experimentation and machine learning with deep industry experience to tackle your most difficult business problems.

  • Experimentation Capability Uplift
  • Bespoke Data Science Delivery

“I want to embed ethics principles and practices into our use of AI and ML.”

Let us and our partners, the Gradient Institute, keep you aligned with the Australian AI ethics principles, and ensure that your data investment is safe.

  • AI Ethics Assessment & Roadmap
  • AI Ethics Technology Safeguards

Our Approach


Flexible Engagement Model

We offer alternative engagement models to suit your organisational needs, whether you need us to be embedded with your team or a more traditional model.


Capability & Cultural Uplift

We aim to go beyond the deliverable and our collaborative and skills transfer approach builds an experimental culture within your in-house team.


Focussed Expertise

We have a great reputation for expertise in the industry and we maintain that by keeping our team on the leading edge of data science.

AI/ML Delivery Services

Next-Best-Action Solution Engineering

Activate your data for next-best-action customer decisioning in weeks, not months or years. If you have a data science team, we can enable them with our specialist expertise and production systems, and if you do not, we can help you build that team and those systems.

ML Model Development & Deployment

We collaborate with your business and analytics teams to develop custom ML models for your specific use case and business needs. We can also assist with deploying your models in your environment and advise on what factors to consider in your deployment architecture.

Bespoke Data Science Delivery

Our expert data science consultants have deep experience across multiple industries, including Banking, Insurance, Telco and Retail. We bring years of experience and corporate knowledge to all of our engagements to ensure the best possible outcomes for you and your customers.

AI Ethics Technology Safeguards

Our model deployment platform Atmosphere has been designed with the Australian AI Ethics framework in mind and offers features to manage and monitor your use of AI & ML. Our team can deploy Atmosphere and help onboard your use cases to ensure that they fall within this framework.

AI/ML Advisory Services

Next-Best-Action Use Case Discovery

For organisations that are in the early stages of their journey, this service is designed to identify high-impact next-best-action use cases, prioritise these use cases according to your business objectives, and formulate a roadmap based on your current maturity and readiness.

MLOps Assessment & Roadmap

The main challenges organisations face when developing ML capabilities are scale, version control and model reproducibility. Our service is designed to align your stakeholders and assess your organisation against an MLOps capability model to identify and close any gaps in your process.

Experimentation Capability Uplift

The use of experimentation within your organisation to accelerate your learning cycle is now a must-have to keep pace with the competitive landscape. This service assesses your current use of experimentation and provides guidance on scaling maturity across the organisation.

AI Ethics Assessment & Roadmap

We partner with the world-leading Gradient Institute, who evolve ethical best practices in AI, to provide AI systems assessments. We jointly evaluate, design and measure your AI systems against ethical goals, using the latest research on the new science of ethical AI.

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>16% uplift in conversions


>16% uplift in recharge


>10% decrease in defaults

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Ambiata has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. It is part of the IAG group, with offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

We are always keen to discuss how we can assist with our AI solutions and services, and how they might help bring positive impact to your customers.

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