Customer Analytics Services

Build an Experimentation Culture

Accelerate your AI/ML journey by engaging with our expert consultants. Our engagements are delivered in a manner to train your team in the principles of safe AI in action.

Why Ambiata?

Scientific Pedigree

Our history in science originates from CSIRO’s Data61. Our scientific method creates learning algorithms that become business assets, generating greater commercial value over time.

Industry Experience

We bring years of experience and corporate knowledge across multiple industries, including Banking, Insurance, Telco and Retail, to all of our engagements to ensure the best possible outcomes.

Ethical Foundations

Our partnership with the Gradient Institute, who are world-leading researchers on ethical AI systems, enables us to build ethical foundations into each of our client engagements.

Our Approach

Flexible Engagement Model

We offer alternative engagement models to suit your organisational needs, whether you need us to be embedded with your team or in more traditional models.

Capability & Cultural Uplift

We aim to go beyond the deliverable and our collaboration and skills transfer approach builds a 'digital native' and experimental culture within your in-house team.

Experimentation Framework

All of our engagements utilise our rigorous experimentation framework to identify cause-and-effect relationships and separate them from mere correlations.

Artificial Intelligence Advisory

AI Assessment & Roadmap

For organisations who are in the early stages of their AI journey, this service is designed to identify high-impact AI usecases based on our AI framework, assess your current maturity and readiness, and formulate a roadmap to AI maturity.

Experimentation Roadmap

The use of experimentation within your organisation to accelerate your learning cycle is now a must-have to keep pace with the competitive landscape. This service assesses your current use of experimentation and provide guidance on scaling maturity across the organisation.

AI Ethics Assessment

We partner with the world-leading Gradient Institute, who evolve ethical best practices in AI, to provide AI systems assessments. We jointly evaluate, design and measure your AI systems against ethical goals, using the latest research on the new science of ethical AI.

Data Science Delivery

Bespoke Data Science Engagements

Our expert data science consultants have deep experience across multiple industries, including Banking, Insurance, Telco and Retail. We bring years of experience and corporate knowledge to all of our engagements to ensure the best possible outcomes.

ML Model Development & Deployment

We collaborate with your business and analytics teams to develop custom ML models for your specific usecase and business needs. We can also assist with deploying your models and what factors consider in your deployment architecture.

Customer Feature Engineering

A rich set of attributes that characterise the customer can be derived from your data feeds, and can then be augmented with predictive and prescriptive attributes. This customer analytical record can be fed into downstream systems and used to personalise customer interactions.

Cultural Uplift & Training

Executive Workshops & Masterclasses

We are able to tailor our courses to suit your needs, whether it be a session with executives on analytics, or a masterclass for your data science teams. We are able to deep dive into experimentation, algorithms or tools and packages to fit the needs of the audience.

Digital Services Experimentation

As experts in experimentation, we offer training on our framework and how to utilise test & learn in your business operations. We cover the principles of experimental design and how to avoid traps that can lead to misleading results.

AI Ethics Framework

Our partner, the world leading Gradient Institute, delivers training courses covering the ethical principles in data and AI, and how to move from principles to a working system. The courses are tailored to three levels of audiences, namely executives, leaders and practitioners.

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Ambiata has offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. It is part of the IAG group, with offices throughout Australia, NZ and Singapore.

23-33 Mary St. Surry Hills. Sydney. NSW. Australia
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