What is Attribution Marketing?

Attribution Marketing is marketing that enables accurate attribution of outcomes to specific marketing actions. It allows us to truly understand the causal effects of individual marketing activities, on a personalised basis and at massive scale.

Read about the Ambiata Marketing Attribution Engine here.

Who do you work with?

Our clients include leading banks, insurance companies, telecommunication providers, retailers and media outlets, businesses who want to make data-driven reality a key driver of business growth. We also partner with marketing agencies and consultancies who want to drive and measure sources of success and failure.

Our Marketing Attribution Engine requires a database of at least 1 million customers in order to be able to apply learnings dynamically.

What is big data?

Big data is the capability to store and process large amounts of data from a wide range of different sources, in a way that is scalable and minimises costs.  And while many companies say they “do”big data, what does this really mean? At Ambiata we are very clear: big data is simply the fuel for our Marketing Attribution Engine, enabling mass marketing that is personalised to specific individuals’ behaviour. In this way we can predict how people will respond and maximise profitability.

How are you different from other big data companies?

Most companies that say they “do” big data, only collect and conduct very basic analysis of big data sets. We are unique in the way we combine big data with our Marketing Attribution Engine, so we can predict customers’ future behaviour and determine which marketing activities work, and which don’t.

Where did Ambiata come from?

Ambiata was founded after years of research and development at NICTA, Australia’s largest organisation dedicated to information communications technology research. This research has enabled us to become global leaders in Attribution Marketing.