Predictive API’s Machine Learning as a Service

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5:30 PM    08th Aug 2015    Sydney 

Predictive APIs (PAPIs) provide cloud based machine learning services at scale and are rapidly gaining momentum as applications that leverage machine learning are built on mass.  We are fortunate to have four speakers that are here to present at the PAPIs 2015 conference in Sydney (Aug 6 – 7) to give us a preview into this exciting new area.

Please join us at Level 3, Sydney Hilton Hotel 488, George Street from 5.30pm.  The event will begin at 6pm.

This month, Big Data Analytics Meetup is teaming up withIAPA to bring you four companies at the forefront of this technology and learn about the new developments and trends in PAPIs and how to use them to harness the power of machine learning at scale.  We have the pleasure of having 4 of the international conference speakers from PAPIs 2015:

1) Danny Lange: General Manager at Amazon will present the Amazon Machine Learning

2) Yan Zhang: Data Scientist at Microsoft will present the Microsoft Azure Machine Learning

3) Konstantin Davydov: Software Engineer at Google will present the Google Prediction API.

4) Poul Petersen: Chief Infrastructure Officer at Big ML will take us through what others are doing with predictive technology.

This is a fantastic opportunity for us all to learn how to use machine learning in your apps and solutions.  It is a unique opportunity to meet the international leaders in this field.

Presentations will be 15 mins each and will be followed by Q&A. 

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