We are looking for team members with cross-disciplinary skills, to join our team in Sydney.

As a small team we work closely together on a variety of challenging problems and technologies, and you will have the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of our product development and customer engagements.

In your first week at Ambiata, you will have code running in production, affecting our customers.

In your first month, you will have solved problems you haven’t seen before.

In your first year, you will have had significant contributions and influence on our products, have experienced delivering and running large-scale solutions on a day-to-day basis, simultaneously delivering code into our hosted platform and directly to self-hosting customers. And, you will have likely picked up a new language (or two).

We understand good people will be able to solve most problems. However we also know most people have a particular interest or specialty. The following list of skills would be of significant help to us right now.

Technical Business Consultant

We are looking for an individual who can work with all levels of an organisation to bridge the gap between their business problems and the technology we can deliver to solve them, inspiring trust and confidence along the way.

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Applying for jobs at Ambiata

Email your résumé to: jobs@ambiata.com

Be sure to include the title of the role in your email.

After you send your application, we may contact you with a small challenge appropriate to your skills and position, to be completed at home. We will then move to in-person interviews and meeting the team.

You might not fit exactly into one of the categories described here, or fit into more than one. However there may still be a great position for you at Ambiata, so feel free to get in contact and let us know what you are looking for.

Ambiata’s team is currently only based in Sydney, Australia. While we are working in a global market, at this time we can only consider your application if you are legally entitled to work in Australia.