Ambiata is a massive-scale personalised marketing service



Ambiata redefines what is possible

By combining the power of big data with our unique Marketing Attribution Engine, we enable mass marketing that is personalised to specific individuals’ behaviour, in order to maximise profitability.

We call this Attribution Marketing and it is a fundamental shift in the way we think about marketing.


Predict behaviour

We combine big data with our unique Marketing Attribution Engine to predict your customers’ future behaviour and maximise marketing effectiveness.

Measure performance

Ambiata enables you, for the first time, to truly know which marketing activities work and which don’t.

Drive business growth

While most marketing companies use vague metrics such as awareness, Ambiata enables you to make data-based reality a key driver of business growth.

Reduce IT risk

We have a proven track record of cost-effectively scaling for the largest transactional enterprise data sets. We can ingest cross-channel data from any front-line system, including digital and legacy mainframe systems.

How we’ve helped others

Ambiata has delivered measurable uplifts for clients including leading banks, insurance companies,
telecommunication providers, retailers and media outlets. View case studies.